Anthurium plant

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הזמנת עציצים תתאפשר בהזמנה מראש 48 שעות, וזה בהתאם למלאי והעונה
לאחר ההזמנה אנו ניצור קשר טלפוני ונעדכן אתכם בהתאם

This beautiful classic plant symbolizes hospitality. The heart shaped flower with either its red passionate color, or its pure white shade makes the Anthurium the perfect gift for any occasion from housewarming party to saying thanks for a great evening.                                                                                                        

Light- Bright indirect light.                                                                                                                                            

Water- Wait for the soil to dry halfway before watering. Let the water go through the drainage hole.                

Humidity- Mist the leaves.                                                                                                                                        

Tip-A well-kept Anthurium will produce lots of flowers and it's fun to cut one or two and place them in a vase to enjoy the beautiful flowers in more rooms.