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Fiori is a floral design boutique founded by Sagi and Shabi. Born from an idea that European elements can best manifest a passion for space design, including use of wild fixtures, Fiori is always looking to surprise and excite. Meet our creators: A perfect balance of heart and mind.

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Welcome to the magical world of Fiori Boutique

In our website we will try to introduce you to the atmosphere of the French shop - the aromas, sights and magical touch of classic European design

Our story began in France with two young men who have been engaged in interweaving and flower love and design for 15 years, the connection between them has led to luxury boutiques in the heart of Tel Aviv, and from the street you can see that this is a magical world of design and French elements.

You are welcome to enter the fun and create yourself a basket that will upgrade any space, and of course you can spoil someone you love.

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We are

  • Sagi

    & Creative Director

    Designing exclusive floral pieces for events, gardens and private homes.

  • Shabi

    & CEO

    Fiori’s buyer and is responsible for sourcing unique and exclusive flowers from Europe.

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