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Your event is a chance to escape the ordinary. Fiori offers unique, imaginative, and creative floral designs for any kind of event. We will adapt a bespoke design from Weddings, Corporate, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, to private family celebrations. Timing and execution of the event are as important as the details themselves. We plan elegant, chic and glamorous events and are the luxury destination for swanky and posh clients.

pink vibe bat mitzva
Boho wedding
Facebook event
love sroty - RONIT FARM
maarava wedding
classic wedding
Romantic wedding
Factory 54 event
Green Light wedding
Colorful field flowers event
Country Event
Business Events
white garden wedding
Private event at the Claro TLV
Four Seasons style at Ramat Aviv mall
White Shavuot at Ramat Aviv mall