November Madness

November is here again and it brings with it the Madness of sale Days. It seems as if it was only yesterday that I bought a new tv on cyber Monday, a shirt that by now is already out of fashion on Black Friday and a king size mattress on Chinese singles day.

Just as the shirt is no longer in style, the tv is broken and the mattress well, I still have it but it looks as if on singles day this year I will be sleeping on it alone.
So, this November I've decided to try something new. I will of course buy during these crazy sale days ( Enjoying the free shipping) but instead of just buying I have checked the meaning behind the various sale days, and will shop for things that those days represent.
For example, on Black Friday I’ll order a money tree.
Black Friday gets its name because of the huge profits, which were marked
with black ink, as opposed to losses that were marked in red! By ordering my money tree I will invite abundance into my life. (The Money tree's official name is Portulacaria and it is a type of bonsai which in contrast to money is very easy to maintain. Its leaves resemble coins and represent wealth while its trunk represents stability).


Next year may my tree stand tall and my Wallet be full.
On singles day, which is celebrated on 11.11 (a date composed out of singles) I will order myself flowers. I will place an order of fresh tulips on the morning and in the afternoon when the delivery arrives I’ll act surprised by the beautiful bouquet chosen especially for me by my secret admirer.


Cyber Monday is still a mystery to me and it seems as if it’s only meaning is online shopping so we have no choice but to accept it. So until I find out the true meaning of Cyber Monday, I will use this Monday to turn my wish list into my checked list. And that will turn cyber Monday into miracle Monday. The day that my maxed out credit card somehow approved not one, but Eight purchases. A bit like a modern day Chanukah.
I wish you all a great November full of joy and good purchases. Remember November is more than just sales, it’s also fall which means scarves, jackets, first rain showers and most importantly the return of our favourite winter flowers.

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