Fashion & Flower

Flowers and plants have always been fashion’s biggest inspiration and today more than ever!

The truth is, that the connection between these two worlds goes even deeper than inspiration. 

It starts with the raw materials used in the manufacturing of the fabrics and products. Cotton and flax are both plants that will eventually be transformed into fabric. Indigo is a plant whose leaves are used to create the iconic blue colour most recognised with our favourite jeans and of course flowers Essenes are used to create perfumes. 

Flowers and plants are the roots for the fashion industry , and it is only natural that the fashion world  show's its respect and gratitude in return. I can’t think of a better way than on the runway! Flowers and plants can be seen in silhouettes, prints, weaves and embroidery. 

Some examples from the top of my head: 

Moschino who took it literally with the flower bouquet dress

Christian Dior and the “Lily of the valley dress”


 Versace and the tropical collection


Marimekko and the timeless popp



Dries  Van Noten with the rose print 


and how can we forget Dolce and Gabbana with all the flowers in the world! 


There is no doubt that flowers are in fashion, or in fact flowers are fashion.

It seems that everywhere we look someone is wearing flowers whether it is seen in design or material. 

We are already at the point where we look and smell like flowers. But Maybe it’s possible that we missed something on the way. 

Something small but important, and that is the amazing quality the flower has of blooming for itself without worrying if someone will notice it. 

A flower blooms with the hopes that a butterfly will stop to smell it but doesn’t change itself if the butterfly just passes by. It goes on blooming knowing another one will come and everything will be just fine. 

That’s what we should practice, understanding and knowing that not everyone will stop and look at us, some might not be interested in what we have to offer, but we should believe it doesn’t matter and the best that we can do is be ourselves and bloom for that reason alone. Again, flowers never go out of fashion, probably because they never try to be something else. In conclusion it is obvious that for us to stay relevant and in fashion we have no choice but to be who we are! With That being said, decorating ourselves and our houses with flowers is always fun And is a great reminder of what we just talked about!


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